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The oldest sport in the world is known as wrestling. The first known wrestling competition was BC. It was made in Egypt in the 200's. However, the history of sports begins with the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, namely athletics.
Motocross, one of the sports that motor enthusiasts love and follow in the world, offers a unique experience to adrenaline lovers. We have listed the favorite motocross tracks located at the points where you can spend your holiday. Royal Hil
Built in Turkey Motocross Where? Turkey due to geographical characteristics suitable for motocross is hosted on natural trails. Istanbul Hezarfen Track The track, which received the approval of the International Motorcycle Federation in 20
Motocross is a speed race with cross motors on the obstacle course on rough soil. It is one of the most adrenaline-filled off-road sports and is divided into many branches within itself. Motocross or motocross is a combination of the English
Just like Turkey, she has earned a reputation in many countries with widespread this sport convenient and private trails. Verzasca Dam, Switzerland There is a platform for bungee jumping enthusiasts on the 220-meter Verzasca Dam. Verzasca Dam is
Istanbul in Turkey, as in many cities Mugla and Antalya, located on the route, offering favorable conditions for bungee jumping. Istanbul Those who are curious about the Bungee jumping Istanbul routes can experience this experience in differe
Both extreme sport of bungee jumping is among the most commonly preferred by enthusiasts as well as in the world of adrenaline in Turkey. This sport, which is based on the principle of jumping from a high point with the help of a rope, can be quite e
Isar River - Germany Noce River - Italy Gallego River - Spain Una Nehri- Bosna Hersek               
1. Whistler Blackcomb - Canada Whistler Blackcomb is one of the most famous ski slopes in the world with the steepest slopes. Located in the British Columbia region of Canada, this steep slope ski resort also has the world's highest lift line.
Uludag Ski Center / Bursa Uludağ, the first address that comes to mind when it comes to semesters and ski holidays, is the largest mountain in Western Anatolia with a height of 2,543 meters. Uludağ Ski Center has suitable geography conditions in
You can start by asking yourself this simple question: "Do I want to fly off the ramp, jump, try moves, half-pipe and board in snow parks?" If your answer is yes then Freestyle snowboards are for you, if "No" then you can consider

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