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What is Motocross?

What is Motocross?

Motocross is a speed race with cross motors on the obstacle course on rough soil. It is one of the most adrenaline-filled off-road sports and is divided into many branches within itself. Motocross or motocross is a combination of the English words motorcycle and cross-country.

Motocross; It is divided into two separate branches as "race" and "Freestyle". As the name suggests, the race is full of speed and completing the race first in the field is the main goal. Freestyle (freestyle) is a competition based on collecting the highest score by performing acrobatic movements on the track. These two branches are subdivided into Vintage, Supercross and Mini-Motocross. Vintage, as the name suggests, are races where motorcycle models belonging to the so-called vintage era, that is, the 1970s, were used. Mini-Motocross is the name given to races where specially designed cross engines are used. These specially designed motors are miniatures of their original versions. Finally, in the Supercross style, short tracks are used and freestyle acrobatic movements are more extreme and high.
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