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Extraordinary views as if the card popped out of the boot, a nostalgic train that will make you feel in Turkish movies, a route where you can breathe the air of different cultures at each stop ... If you intend to go on a journey that wil
Florence, Firenze in Italian, is a city of museums. The fact that Leonardo da Vinci spent a significant part of his life in this city also contributes to this. Especially in the Renaissance period, this city, which developed under the auspices of the
With its new name, Ohrid Lake, the pearl of North Macedonia, and Ohrid, a city founded on the shore of the lake. According to archaeological findings, the city on the shore of Lake Ohrid is one of Europe's oldest settlements. Ohrid Lake
Due to the coronavirus epidemic in the world, many travelers started to prefer caravans. In fact, producers who are having difficulty keeping up with orders nowadays give a day to the next year. Especially people living in cities such as Istanbul and
The epidemic changed the habits of all people. This includes traveling. According to a new study, controlled travel, risk management, getting closer to being digital and using technology will open a new page in travel policies. HIS Travel announced t

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