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Where-To Bungee Jumping in Turkey?

Where-To Bungee Jumping in Turkey?

Istanbul in Turkey, as in many cities Mugla and Antalya, located on the route, offering favorable conditions for bungee jumping.


Those who are curious about the Bungee jumping Istanbul routes can experience this experience in different parts of the city.

Kazlıçeşme, located in Zeytinburnu, is one of the most popular bunge jumping routes in Istanbul. The sport performed by jumping from the 100-meter crane attracts adrenaline enthusiasts.


In addition to Kazlıçeşme in Istanbul, jumps are also performed in Kilyos. The platform, which is set up in Kilyos Solar Beach every summer, is a frequent destination for bungee jumping enthusiasts.

Oludeniz, Mugla

The primary address of athletes who want to jump from the tower, which is 35 meters high, is Ölüdeniz. The region where security measures are at the highest level is frequently preferred by those who are new to bungee jumping.

If you want to bungee jumping in blue and green in Ölüdeniz, you can reach the region in a short time from Dalaman Airport.


Antalya, known for its nature and structure suitable for many extreme sports, hosts bungee jumping enthusiasts with routes such as Lara Beach and Tahtalı Mountain.

Lara Beach

Turkey has a large number of routes in bungee jumping. One of these important routes is Antalya. Lara Beach, which has a 60-meter bungee jumping platform, is especially preferred by amateur athletes. Those who are in the region for vacation can try this adrenaline-filled sport.

Tahtali Mountain

It is possible to make jumps of approximately 20 meters at the summit of Tahtalı Mountain in Kemer. The platform set up with the help of a crane is frequently preferred by those who come to the region for vacation.

Aya Yorgi Bay, İzmir

Çeşme Aya Yorgi Bay is one of the places frequently visited by those who want to do bungee jumping. You can both have a holiday and experience bungee jumping from a height of 60 meters in the bay, which is located at the sea and beachfront.

Those who want to do bungee jumping in natural beauty can reach Aya Yorgi in 1 hour from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.
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