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How should the snow board be selected?

How should the snow board be selected?

You can start by asking yourself this simple question: "Do I want to fly off the ramp, jump, try moves, half-pipe and board in snow parks?" If your answer is yes then Freestyle snowboards are for you, if "No" then you can consider "All-Mountain" snowboards.
Freestyle snowboards are soft and short, so they are maneuverable. The nose and tail are symmetrical and can be slid in either direction.

Freestyle Style
Suitable board size; It varies depending on your weight, height and intended performance. The recommended length increases as your height, weight and level increase. For Freestyle style, you can choose a short board that is 20-25 cm shorter than your height, between your shoulder and your chin.
All Mountain
For the All-Mountain style, it is preferred that the board is about 10-20 cm shorter than your height. When you hold the board vertically with you, its length should be between your chin and your nose.
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