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2021 Honda PCX 125 Updated for this year, the 2021 Honda PCX 125 scooter provides better acceleration and top speed with a brand new engine, new bodywork. Although drivers find the PCX 125 as low cc, the look remains unchanged for the la
Hello again friends, First of all, it will be correct to learn about motorcycle abs and cbs brakes. That way, it will be easy for you to decide which one to use. I would like to share my experiences with you. What is ABS (Anti-Lock Br
Hello friends, I've blogged about motorcycle paint before. So I started examining regular scooters. I have read some forum sites but some questions have no clear answers. Most people are not objective. . But crazy questions in my head ... Frie
Extraordinary views as if the card popped out of the boot, a nostalgic train that will make you feel in Turkish movies, a route where you can breathe the air of different cultures at each stop ... If you intend to go on a journey that wil
Florence, Firenze in Italian, is a city of museums. The fact that Leonardo da Vinci spent a significant part of his life in this city also contributes to this. Especially in the Renaissance period, this city, which developed under the auspices of the
With its new name, Ohrid Lake, the pearl of North Macedonia, and Ohrid, a city founded on the shore of the lake. According to archaeological findings, the city on the shore of Lake Ohrid is one of Europe's oldest settlements. Ohrid Lake
It is a game played on the floor with a net in the middle where two or four players throw the ball back and forth at each other. Tennis is an Olympic sport played between two people with racket and ball or between two teams of two. Playe
The oldest sport in the world is known as wrestling. The first known wrestling competition was BC. It was made in Egypt in the 200's. However, the history of sports begins with the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, namely athletics.
Continuing to offer innovative solutions, PEUGEOT is organizing a very special event both in virtual and live environment this month: PEUGEOT Show. On this occasion, the brand with Aslan will introduce its new flagship products with a very impressive
Boeing B737-500, model of Sriwijaya Air carrying 62 passengers, 56 of which are passengers. According to local media reports, a passenger plane belonging to Sriwijaya Air disappeared from the radar shortly after takeoff. It is stated that there were
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