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The PSA group, which includes the Peugeot brand, is working every day to advance automotive research and innovation. It does this with 70 different projects aiming to meet the expectations and needs of its customers in the most effective way.

This passionate work improves the safety and performance levels of the vehicles while at the same time offering more travel pleasure and comfort to passengers.

This desire to achieve technological excellence is embodied in goals such as developing creativity, researching new vehicle concepts, combating the greenhouse effect and producing safer and more user-friendly vehicles.

Striving for the best security
Peugeot wants to offer the best level of safety for both the driver and passengers. To achieve this, the vehicles are equipped with high-performance, technologically advanced systems designed to provide greater safety both in terms of controlling the vehicle and protecting the passenger compartment and passengers.

Controlled energy
The PSA group continues its research to provide users with engines that offer the highest performance but have the least waste.

Reducing greenhouse gases is one of the priorities: HDi diesel engines, all designed and manufactured by Peugeot, and direct injection gasoline engines and on-board exhaust control systems combine environmental protection with driving pleasure.

Other ways are being explored as well, resulting in the emergence of hybrid systems that allow fuel consumption to be reduced by up to 35 percent. The Fuel Cell, which utilizes hydrogen, is one of the interesting solutions for the future because it offers lower fuel consumption and reduces harmful gas waste. Research continues ...

Invitation to a walk
The ability to create tools that appeal to different tastes is based on the development of many different designs and concepts. It is also based on another fundamental principle: the automobile itself is a living space.

Beyond traditional luxury, Peugeot offers well thought-out vehicles that are relaxing and enjoyable to drive for its passengers. The atmosphere of the cabin, together with the materials and colors used, contribute to the comfort of the passengers. The warmth and lightness of the cabin also has a significant impact on ease of use and performance.
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