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Ski Centers in Our Country

Ski Centers in Our Country

Uludag Ski Center / Bursa
Uludağ, the first address that comes to mind when it comes to semesters and ski holidays, is the largest mountain in Western Anatolia with a height of 2,543 meters.
Uludağ Ski Center has suitable geography conditions in terms of Alpine and Northern discipline, "Tour Skiing" and "Helicopter Skiing" applications. Apart from skiing, snowboard, bigfoot, ice skating and snowmobile activities are also available. Uludağ ski center has 24 tracks appealing to all levels, from beginner skiers to professionals.

Kartalkaya Ski Resort / Bolu
East of Bolu, at the peak of Köroğlu Mountains, Kartalkaya Ski Center embraces you with the green of pine trees and the purity of white. You can reach the ski center in 45 minutes by car and public transportation from the center of Bolu.
At Kartalkaya ski resort, 21 tracks of different difficulty levels await ski lovers.

Erciyes Ski Center / Kayseri
Mount Erciyes is an inactive volcanic mountain 25 km south of Kayseri. with peaks reaching 3,916 meters 5. Turkey's highest mountain is the Erciyes Ski Center, waiting for ski lovers with 32 pieces of track options that vary according to their degree of difficulty.

Sarıkamış Ski Center / Kars
Sarıkamış Ski Center, 55 km away from Kars city center, at 2,634 meters, is among the few ski centers in the world with its "crystal snow" feature, which is unique to the Alps.
Due to the very low humidity, the falling snow does not freeze and retains its crystallized form for a very long time.
The ski season in Sarıkamış, which has a 5-stage track with a total length of 12 km in the scotch pine forests, lasts for 4 months between December and March.

Palandoken Ski Center / Erzurum
3185 m. Palandöken mountains, with their summit, are one of the most popular ski resorts of the East in the authentic atmosphere of Erzurum. It offers high altitude, quality snow, long winter, unlimited skiing pleasure in Palandöken.
There are a total of 22 tracks in Palandöken Ski Center, two of these tracks have been declared as Olympic tracks by FIS.

Kartepe Ski Center / Kocaeli
Kartepe Ski Center, which is the closest ski center to Istanbul (approximately 130 km away), welcomes many visitors every year thanks to its natural beauty and especially Sapanca lake.
In Kartepe Ski Center, you can enjoy skiing on 4 different ski slopes with different difficulty levels.
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