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@simsiyah: PEJO means road rat .... means javelin in tiny spaces where nobody can enter ....

@Emin: 1 - 106 series with a full youth passion, 2 - 306 series with a passion for speed, 3 - 206 series I still feel young, 4 - of course it means modified, image and power />
@hasimayaz: Peugeot means whatever taxi is worthy of Guzel.

@ SİNAN GTI: peugeot means I am a part of my life flow, I am a being suitable for a life cycle.

@ Çervato: I think this car with this legendary design of Murat Günak is the vehicle I can call "the most local". For me, this aspect is of primary importance, the second meaning is environmentalist formation and Peugeot's environmentalist "BLUE LION " philosophy ...

@Fatih: comfort if comfort .. speed speed .. handsome is handsome he is a 406 ...

@Emrah: means best vehicles in its class with hdi engine ..

@ BaD_b0y $: Say the Highway Rat :)

@ a.beyol: means an aggressive lion with slanting eyes, ready to go at any time.

@ YVZ18_206GTİ: peugeot means being comfortably comfortably with the engine sound and exhaust sound: D

@Mirak: Peugeot, shape, gassing, uncomfortable, godoman strong enough to pass vehicles =)

@GKN: Peugeot is a PASSION. Peugeot is a lifestyle. It is indispensable in every aspect with its Sporty Engine sound, lion emblem, Low Comfort.

@asi_cocuk: 1 friendship forum for me, dating forum means family forum, 2 shades means it suits him

@ErcanCebi: I agree with @Emin and add freedom.

@OnurGTI: Peugeot means police :), means police, means punishment :), But despite everything, Peugeot means you are the king of the roads when you get behind the wheel .. :)

@esrarengiz: touching the lion in peugeot =)

Continued ... @ mod55: Peugeot means crossing on the road to those who cross: D

@Eren: It means to enjoy playing pragmatism to the animal, peugeot means making every vehicle you pass by ironically smile.

@ my zodiac sign: peugeot means forever young for me. With the spirit of GTI, it always means adrenaline. Knowing that power under the accelerator pedal always gives me pleasure, even if I don't use it.

@ErkanKurnaz: peugeot means that those who think they are king on the road will cry overwhelmingly and cry and not get too close to the petrol station (206 hdi of course :))

@haruncoskun: I think it means walking coffin =)

@ Çervato: I think it means an economical family car ... If the HDI is 206 :)

@MELEK SERAP KARACA: means peugeot ....... frankly I am sick of the name Embarrassed is an indispensable tool for me

@master: peugeot means buying HDI and making 1000+ in 1 warehouse.

@ ADRENALİN: means the only brand that everyone has commented on, means the fastest and the most handsome in its class, means the car of those who prefer adrenaline rather than comfort, aaaa look at peugeot, how did you see it? peogot does not end with counting,

@SelmanBeber: intelligent agile also means being moral.

@alpayarzu: Peugeot means the beginning of modified love for me (thanks to 106 gti of pistachio green).

@Eren: means marginal means that harass "others" in all circumstances with its aggressive stance.

@Onur: pug means tag

@ bug_: GTI KING.1O6GTI.2O5GTI.3O6GTI.

@ uruk33: means a lot with less money

@Doktor: It means both speed, shape and spirit ...

@FTH: Peugeot means not getting on gas means turning on gas :)

@ berk106: means peugeot is a super car brand that is a champion in stylish wild fast rally called jewish mercedesi with a phrase that can be modified easily on the highway that can be modified easily

@ali pioneer: peugeot means a lion even though nobody gets on and does not know and can not shoot and makes bad comments ...

More to come ... You can share what Peugeot means to you in this section. You can comment from the link below.
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