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The Best Bungee Jumping Routes in the World

The Best Bungee Jumping Routes in the World

Just like Turkey, she has earned a reputation in many countries with widespread this sport convenient and private trails.

Verzasca Dam, Switzerland
There is a platform for bungee jumping enthusiasts on the 220-meter Verzasca Dam. Verzasca Dam is also one of the highest bungee jumping points in the world. It is one of the routes frequently preferred by amateur and professional jumpers due to its intertwined nature.

You can add Verzasca Dam to your route to experience this experience during your trip to Switzerland. 

Europabrücke (European Bridge), Austria
Europabrücke, also known as the European Bridge, located on the Wipp Valley, has a length of about 600 meters and a height of 190 meters. Those who want to reach the peaks of adrenaline while looking at a unique view can turn their route to the European Bridge.

Although the European Bridge is located in Austria, it will take much less time to fly to Munich and then cross to the bridge. It takes approximately 2 hours between Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport and Europabrücke. Those who are thinking of traveling to Austria and want to include the European Bridge in their travel plan can enjoy this experience by purchasing an Austria flight ticket.

Ponte Colossus Bridge, Italy
Although the Ponte Colossus Bridge is not as high as the others, it is one of the routes preferred by amateur athletes due to the view it offers. When you jump off the bridge, you can experience free fall for about 5 seconds.

You can purchase a Milan flight ticket to reach the Ponte Colossus Bridge in the Biellese Alps. You can reach the region in about 1 hour 30 minutes from Milan.

Bray Lake, England
Bray Lake in Berkshire is one of the highest bungee jumping spots in England. You can see the suburbs surrounded by greenery on one side and the deep blue lake on the other while jumping over the 91-meter platform built on the lake.

Berkshire is located approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from London. To reach Bray Lake in a short time, you can go to London and then cross to Berkshire. 

Souleuvre Viaduct, France
The bungee jumping platform located on the lakes of Normandy among the green is about 61 meters high. Although the platform is not very high, the reason why the region is so popular with both amateur and professional athletes is that this platform is located on the lake. Souleuvre Viaduct is one of the rare spots to touch the water while jumping.

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