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What is Bungee Jumping?

What is Bungee Jumping?

Both extreme sport of bungee jumping is among the most commonly preferred by enthusiasts as well as in the world of adrenaline in Turkey. This sport, which is based on the principle of jumping from a high point with the help of a rope, can be quite enjoyable if sufficient safety precautions are taken.

Bungee jumping is defined as the athletes letting themselves down from certain heights with flexible and strong ropes. These flexible ropes allow the speed to slow down after free fall. Then the athletes start to climb up again. Bungee jumping can be defined as jumping from a height with a rope with this feature.

How is Bungee Jumping Done?

Jumps, which are usually performed with the help of a crane, can be made from towers, bridges or rocks that have a certain height. After the athletes are equipped with safe equipment such as flexible and durable ropes, they are raised to the required height with a winch. After a few seconds of jumping from a height of about 50 meters, the flexible ropes pull the athletes up again. Although those who wonder how many meters of bungee jumping can be made, usually encounter 50 meters, professional jumps are performed from much higher points.

Is your health condition suitable?

The point that those who will do bungee jumping for the first time should pay attention to whether the health condition is suitable for the sport. Those with excess weight, high blood pressure, epilepsy and heart diseases should not do bungee jumping. The weight of the athletes is also measured by professionals before the jump. In this way, necessary security measures are taken in advance.

Like any extreme sport, this sport involves some danger. Professional equipment is used to perform bungee jumping safely. High quality ropes and other equipment allow athletes to safely bungee jumping.

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