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Abs or Cbs on a Motorcycle?

Abs or Cbs on a Motorcycle?

Hello again friends,

First of all, it will be correct to learn about motorcycle abs and cbs brakes. That way, it will be easy for you to decide which one to use. I would like to share my experiences with you.

What is ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)?

It is known as ABS brake anti-lock brake system in motorcycle. The main purpose of the brake system is to prevent the tire from slipping by locking when braking. It allows the tire to rotate by reducing the pressure on the linings that tighten the teeth during braking. This pressure is done in a very controlled way. The main purpose of the abs brake in a motorcycle is to prevent the driver from losing control in case of a sudden braking. The wrong known part is that it is thought to reduce the braking distance. While it is a good feature for security, this is its secondary purpose. The first aim is to slow down the driver by returning to steering control in a short time. It is a braking system that can increase the maneuvering and stopping capability of the engine. There are sensors next to each wheel that detect the rotational speed and detect that it is about to lock. It directs the signals it receives from here to the hydraulic control part that prevents wheel locking. This prevents the wheels from locking by making controlled pressure. It is not recommended for use in field conditions. It can extend the braking distance in harsh conditions such as ice and mud. The bad part is that if it fails, its cost will be high. So let's take a look at what are the benefits of so costly abs.

Benefits of ABS

- Increases driver safety.
- It reduces the braking distance.
- It extends the service life of lining and brake.
- Provides stable and controlled braking.
- Some models can also be turned on and off.
- Extends the life of brake pads and does not burn.

The cost of Abs property can be high. But I think we should forget when we go 2 wheels. Now, the combined brake system is generally the brake system used by most of the motorcycles on the market.

What is CBS (Combined Braking System)?

CBS is a motorcycle combined brake system. It works on the cbs 70/30 principle, a system developed under the leadership of the Honda brand. So what is the 70/30 principle? When the rear brake is applied, the front brake applies 30% power to the front wheel. This is the main working principle of the system. When braking is applied for a single wheel, it provides a balanced stance by providing distribution in these ratios. Having a motorcycle combined brake structure will make the driver feel safer. Ideal for motorcycle riders using single brakes. It is not recommended for use in field conditions. It can be a little difficult for experienced drivers to get used to. The reason for this will be that the system has done the action that experienced drivers want to do themselves.
How do we know if your motorcycle has a combined brake system. The answer is very easy when you press the brakes on ten brakes, it makes a very soft whistling sound.

Benefits of GIS

- It is safer than other braking systems.
- It is the most suitable brake system for beginners and motorcycle riders with little experience.

Should You Use Abs? Should I Use Cbs?

You can find motorcycle abs and cbs brake structures with all the details above. The functioning and structures of the two brake structures are different from each other. Motorcycle ABS brake prevents the wheels from locking during sudden braking. Although it is said to increase the braking distance, it is a fact that it shortens the distance when the conditions are suitable (ie road structure). Braking distance will not be extended unless there are factors such as wet, snow and mud.
It is aimed to shorten the stopping distance in the CBS braking system. In order to keep the stopping distance short, two brakes must be pressed at the same time. Even if one brake is pressed in the Cbs system, the stopping distance will be shortened because there will be an even distribution.
If you say which one we should prefer, you should choose the one that suits you at this point. Experienced drivers generally prefer the Abs brake system, as the desire to control will be intense. Motorcyclists' opinions and preferences vary on these issues. Healthy for more inexperienced and beginner motorcyclists will be the cbs combined braking system. In the meantime, by going to the authorized service and using the appropriate parts, you can install the Abs system kit in the upcoming process.

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