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Continuing to offer innovative solutions, PEUGEOT is organizing a very special event both in virtual and live environment this month: PEUGEOT Show. On this occasion, the brand with Aslan will introduce its new flagship products with a very impressive 3D fair. Accordingly, the entire customer journey from the stand visit to the order stage will be digitalized.

An experience not to be missed!

In the absence of the Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l'Auto), with the introduction of the PEUGEOT Store: the first fully online sales site that allows customers to purchase new vehicles and choose financing terms, exchange support for old vehicles and free delivery of new vehicles offers its customers and potential customers the opportunity to discover new models with an innovative solution.

The "PEUGEOT Fair" operation will consist of two parts:
  • From 14 to 31 October, Internet users have the opportunity to closely examine PEUGEOT's new products in a virtual fair environment through a specially prepared site (PEUGEOT stand is reconstructed in 3D on an internet platform). The virtual PEUGEOT booth offers the opportunity to navigate 360 ​​° within the site to discover the brand's new products on a smartphone, tablet or PC.
Users are presented with three different universes here:
  • Neo performance with the all-new PEUGEOT 508 Sport Engineered
  • Transition to Electric: PEUGEOT 208 and PEUGEOT SUV 2008 electric versions, new PEUGEOT SUV 3008 and PEUGEOT 508 hybrid versions
  • New Models: New PEUGEOT SUV 3008 and PEUGEOT SUV 5008
  • From 15 to 25 October, all new products, including the new PEUGEOT SUV 3008 and SUV 5008, will be on display at a physical booth at a live show. Product experts will give live presentations, and e-sellers will conclude their customers' purchasing process remotely with fair-specific advantages.
The live showroom will be open continuously between 09:00 and 19:00 between 15-25 October 2020, with two night sessions until 21:00 on Friday, October 16 and 23 October 2020.
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