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Honda PCX 125 cc vs Yamaha Nmax 125 cc.

Honda PCX 125 cc vs Yamaha Nmax 125 cc.

Hello friends,

I've blogged about motorcycle paint before. So I started examining regular scooters. I have read some forum sites but some questions have no clear answers. Most people are not objective. . But crazy questions in my head ... Friends, I finally had the opportunity to test these 2 motorcycles. I will share the differences between them based on my experience during my personal use.

Why NMAX 125 cc


ABS is truly a blessing. The sitting position is a bit more comfortable on this motorcycle as I am tall. Its trunk is really wide for me. I think it will take the corners more balanced because the wheels are thick. It is faster than the PCX 125 and its top speed reaches 120, albeit tightly. Do not forget that the 125 cc scooter.

There is no cigarette lighter socket. I examined it closely but did not pay attention. but as far as I know there is no closed storage compartment like pcx. Its saddle is hard, its shock absorbers are hard. Topcase does not look good. Fuel consumption is a pinch higher than PCX. Bottom gas full speed fuel consumption finds an average of 4 liters easily.

 Why PXC


There is cigarette lighter socket and a closed, capped eye. There is a selector button. The headlights and turn signals light up very well. (In my opinion, a plus is the location of the signal with the horn. I got used to the CB500Fte places, now the patchwork's ones are strange.) More comfortable than NMAX. It's very quiet. Maintenance prices are one click more affordable. I am incredibly satisfied with Honda services. (previous two motorum honda) His second hand is very active. It's a blessing to start stop stop and go. In this way, fuel consumption is lower than Nmax.

It burns 2- 2.5 liters for the average city.


The grip is said to be worse than NMAX, but I'm not pushing the limits. No ABS but combined. Its tires are IRC (you can get a good tire with the difference in price). Its performance is lower than the NMAX. Bottom gas is really burning when you go at full speed, I would like to say that. 125 cc engines do not like very bottom gas, if you really want to save fuel, it is better to give gas calmly and not go to bottom gas.


1. Comfort (I'll go a long way from time to time.)
2. Fluidity (both are agile enough for me.)
3.Fuel (which one sees how many liters, especially at speeds of 100 km and above or when driving at full speed of Dip gas?)
4. Aftershock comfort (from time to time I can go a long way with my aftershocks.)
5. Functionality (Extra equipment, especially lighter and rain-resistant closed eye.)
6. Luggage (Can I get a size L helmet?)
7. Performance (friends, it does not mean anything to me if they get a height difference at departure. What is important for me is not to eat 3-4 lengths and floors on the slope)
8. Accessory cost (Whichever one I buy, I don't intend to ride any one without topcase. If you make a comparison with me in these aspects, you will have made a more accurate choice, friends.

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