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What is Tennis?

What is Tennis?

It is a game played on the floor with a net in the middle where two or four players throw the ball back and forth at each other.

Tennis is an Olympic sport played between two people with racket and ball or between two teams of two. Players try to throw a hollow rubber ball over the net (net) into the opponent's court (corta) with their racket. The player with the most points within the rules wins.

The game, which has its roots in a hand-played game in Medieval France, but started to be played in England in the 1800s, very close to today, has spread primarily in English-speaking countries.

Tennis is today an Olympic sport, andThere are players from every country.

Tennis is played on a rectangular flat court, usually on a concrete (hard), clay (soil), grass or wooden surface. In professional tennis, courts must be built according to certain dimensions.
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