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The Beauty of Florence

The Beauty of Florence

Florence, Firenze in Italian, is a city of museums. The fact that Leonardo da Vinci spent a significant part of his life in this city also contributes to this. Especially in the Renaissance period, this city, which developed under the auspices of the wealthy bankers Medici family, is an important stop for Italian travelers as it is roughly between Venice and Rome. Speaking of which, "Medici: Masters of Florence" is a very successful historical drama, featuring Richard Madden and Dustin Hoffman, whom we know with the role of Rob Stark in Game of Thrones, I strongly recommend you to watch before your trip to Florence. Of course, you can read Dan Brown's book Inferno (Hell) before you go or on the plane, there are already Inferno tours in Florence that take you to the places mentioned in the book. Throughout history, people have always established settlements on rivers, as they have used it as a source of clean water, waste disposal and trade route. Florence also covers both sides of the Arno River. Although the historical center is mainly located on the north bank of the river, the lands to the south of the river have always been used, especially rich families had mansions with large gardens here. Some of these have been preserved to this day and can now be visited as a museum. The historical center on the north bank of the river is a typical Italian city with its narrow streets and squares decorated with statues and fountains. Renaissance still lives here.
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