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How has the pandemic affected our travel habits?

How has the pandemic affected our travel habits?

The epidemic changed the habits of all people. This includes traveling. According to a new study, controlled travel, risk management, getting closer to being digital and using technology will open a new page in travel policies. HIS Travel announced the impact of 2020 on tourism and the future of travel.
In the statement made to AA by HIS Travel, it was pointed out that the tourism industry was experiencing a difficult period this year.

In the article study compiled by the National Institutes of Health of the US National Library of Medicine, the data used by Tripadvisor between December 30, 2019 and March 15, 2020 was stated to confirm this and said, "The results revealed that the tourism sector was easily affected by the global crisis. With its spread, it was almost the same day that travelers decided to cancel or delay their travels.

The concerns of those who will travel for whatever purpose were the hallmark of travel and tourism in the Kovid-19 period and will continue to maintain this feature. "Controlled travel, risk management, getting closer to being digital and using technology will enable a new page to open in travel policies."

In the statement, according to the data shared by Google, there was a significant increase in isolated holidays, 101 percent of 'villa' searches, 42 percent of 'bungalow' searches, 85 percent of 'chalet', 'vineyard house' searches, and 71 percent of 'caravan' searches. It was noted that 'boat rental' increased 64 percent.

Considering the worldwide largest caravan companies in a statement quoted as during this time so 650 reached to increase to a record booking numbers, also camping holidays in different countries as well as in Turkey, caravan holiday, who want to be intertwined with glamping camping nature is the most preferred holiday format reported.

Traveling between the behavior of the pandemic in Turkey during the 'go to the closest place' had come forward. Especially the search for places to go close to Istanbul was more popular than ever. While Ayvalık, Şile, Çatalca, Ağva were in demand due to their easy access and economic locations, there was a trend towards isolated accommodation alternatives in these regions. Another eye catching chance to explore the beauty of Turkey will take place between the different trends in 2021.

Preferring to experience different holiday experiences such as camping in domestic tourism, renting a caravan-boat-villa will make us discover little-known places in our country.

Solo travel, also known as' solo travel ', is a travel concept that has been the lifestyle of most travelers living in different countries for many years, and solo travel, which intensifies during the' gap year 'period when students abroad take a break from education and employees' business life. ; Today, it enabled the creation of special routes for many segments from travelers to business people. It was stated that bloggers, phenomena, YouTubers and travel writers were influenced by the concept of solo travel with the motivation of solo travel experiences.

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