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Peugeot  Speedfight 125 CC

Peugeot Speedfight 125 CC

Speedfight 125 CC

Compact, agile and extraordinarily lively, with a 125 cc engine from the 4th generation of this legendary scooter, which was first released 20 years ago. Speedfight 125 cc offers a dynamic ride even in the busiest traffic with its sporty design and high-level features. The sun, rain, traffic jam, winding roads. Speedfight will carry you to your destination in all conditions. The new exclusive Peugeot SmartMotion® 125 engine combines maximum acceleration, excellent handling and driving dynamics. Always keep your phone at your fingertips with the smartphone support that fits snugly to the dashboard. You can also charge your phone via the USB port while using the navigation to make sure you reach your destination. Thanks to its 125 CC and water-cooled engine, it provides easy and safe driving on long distances.
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