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Peugeot 206 wheel and tire selection guide

Peugeot 206 wheel and tire selection guide

All answers to Peugeot 206 vehicle owners' questions about wheel and tire selection.

1-) What rims would you suggest to fit my 206?
Of course, the rim we can recommend is the one that is produced originally by the factory and is the most compatible with your engine power.

2-) Which rim is compatible with my 206?
14 "- maximum 15" rim for 1.4 Gasoline
14 "- maximum 15" rim for the 1.4 HDi (you can install it on 16 "-17" rims, but you will shorten your car's turbo and engine life)
15 "- maximum 17" rim for 1.6 Gasoline
2.0 Gasoline 17 "Wheel

3-) Which tire in which size should I choose for the 206?

Based on factory data;
175/65/14 on 14 '' rim
195/55/15 on 15 '' rim
195/50/16 on 16 '' rim
17 '' on the rim 205/40/17
Note: Tire manufacturers usually want to lower the sidewall of the tire by 5 points to show the rim.

55 is 50, 50 is 45, 45 is 40.

4-) What will be the benefit and damage if I put a 15 "rim on my original 14" vehicle?

- Your comfort is slightly reduced.
- Fuel increases around 0.5-1 lt.
- As the tire expands in size, the road holding increases.

5-) If I put 16 "-17" rims on my original vehicle, which is 14 "-15", what is the benefit and damage?

- The image of your vehicle becomes more beautiful.
- Your fuel increases by 1lt-1.5lt.
- The traction of your vehicle will decrease (The more difficult it is, the more you have to press the gas)
- The comfort of your vehicle decreases.
- The possibility of your rim to bend and your tire to balloon and split increases.
- Depending on your front and back tool usage time and your attention, your costs may increase more than before.
- Your road holding increases.

6-) What are the best rims on the 206?

For always defending the original
In 14 ', Boheme and Turnade
Foudre (GTI), Sirocco (CC and Quiksilver) rims in 15 ''
Ouragan (CC and GTI) rims in 16``
Atlantis (RC) Jantı in 17

Personal section
In this part, I would like to share my experiences as a former 206 1.4 HDi user.
Originally I bought 206 1.4 HDi vehicle, as you know, there was a 14 "steel rim set.
I used tires of size 195/55/15 while using 15 "Sirocco and 15" 207 Monaco wheels.
Results; Vehicle fuel has increased almost 1 liter, the road holding has increased, the image has become better. The vehicle started to give confidence because of its handling and the steering got a little heavy.

I used 205/40/17 tires on the Challenger rims (they say 206 RC with hubs, but the weight difference is very) similar to the 206 RC rims found on the 17 '' 307 SW and CC.
Results; the vehicle was excessive, fuel increased around 1.5-2 liters. While driving at a speed of 90 km, the vehicle felt like it was going faster due to the decrease in comfort. I'm cold from the car. No matter how good its type and stance is, you will usually see 17 "rims bought and sold recently from the owner or on other sites. Nobody wants to pay that much money and sell without using it for 1 month.

After fitting 14 "Boheme wheels, there was no difference in fuel.
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