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Painting Motorcycle Fairings With My Own Facilities

Painting Motorcycle Fairings With My Own Facilities

Hi everyone,
I decided to insert and paint the fairings on the ten left and right of my engine. I will explain what method I applied and what kind of paint I used.

First, I cleaned the entire hood with water and sandpaper. No paint left on it, I washed it well and wiped it with a clean cloth. For deep scratches, I bought less putty and hardener from a body shop and started applying it to the scratched area. After thoroughly cleaning the overflowing part, I left the bodywork surface to be zero and dry. I think it should dry for at least 2 hours. After the putty dries, I continued with water and sandpaper until the putty area is level with the hood. When the process was over, I washed the hood completely again and left it to dry, paying attention not to get any dust.
It needs to be a sunny, airy place for painting.
The best quality (my favorite) AKÇALI brand spray paint.
You are going to throw your first coat, but the paint requires a bit of wrist and should be squeezed in moderation. You will neither squeeze nor too much. In order not to flow. You have to outshine it for a little bit of self-attraction. 1 hour is enough. Cold weather means you extend the time. Then go to the second layer and paint the entire surface well. The point to be careful when using the spray is that your hand should not be in the same place. So your hand will be constantly moving. The distance of the spray to the object. If it is too close, the paint will flow, if it is far it will be messy. Squeeze at a distance of about 25 cm to 30 cm.
When you're done painting, let it dry again. Let it be an airy place without dust. I have never used polish. I can't say anything about that. good if you have acry. You use it as I told you anyway. I guess one floor is enough.

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