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PEUGEOT e-EXPERT was named the 2021 International Van of the Year on Thursday, 17 December 2020. This award recognizes PEUGEOT teams' commitment to the project, which is at the heart of the brand's electrified transition strategy.

The new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT stands out as the sixth PEUGEOT model to have been awarded the International Van of the Year since its introduction in 1992.

The new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT offers comfortable use with a working area that makes daily life easier, the most up-to-date in-car technologies and an assertive design, and can be adapted to different areas of use.

Providing unlimited access to city centers, the new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT stands out as a new option in the compact van segment with its fully electric motor.
  • The new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT is available in a wide variety of products:
  • Two different range options up to 330 km according to the WLTP cycle, 3 body lengths (Compact, Standard and Long),
  • 1,000 kg trailer towing and 1,275 kg carrying capacity
  • Same cargo area as version with combustion engine with 6.6 m³
  • Without compromising all the original qualities of PEUGEOT Expert, with zero emissions.

Behind this abbreviation lies the "International Van of the Year" award, the most prestigious award that can be given to a commercial vehicle. The winners, representing 25 magazines from 25 international journalists who specialize in this area (Europe, Russia and Turkey) will be chosen by a jury consisting of the vote.

The winning vehicle can display the “International Van of the Year” logo on its body for a year, reflecting the commitment and faith of all PEUGEOT e-EXPERT project teams to the project.

The PEUGEOT brand has won this award six times since its founding in 1992.

Powerful and different style, PEUGEOT's new generation electric van

Staying true to the brand's concept of freedom of choice, the new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT complements the muscular, robust and assertive design of the combustion versions with many distinctive features.
  • Dichroic Lions (an application that changes color depending on the point of view) is offered on the front and back with the "Look Pack" option
  • One loading door at the front left
  • A prominent intermediate grid in the front,
  • An "e-EXPERT" logo on the back.
  • Indoor:
  • An analogue instrument cluster with a color matrix adapted to the electrical system
  • TomTom Traffic 3D showing current charging points and range based on remaining charge level
  • Special graphics for the central touch screen including Linked Navigation,
  • New "e-Toggle" automatic gear control,
  • Exterior design:
  • Driving mode selector with the possibility to switch between driving modes:
  1. Eco (60 kW, 190 Nm): Extends the range,
  2. Normal (80 kW, 210 Nm): Ideal for daily use,
  3. Power (100 kW, 260 Nm): Increases performance especially when carrying heavy loads
  • Electric handbrake.
Superior driving pleasure and practicality in daily life: New Generation e-Van skills

The new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT combines compact exterior dimensions with maximum loading capacities. The batteries are hidden in the vehicle floor and thus do not affect the loading volume. This positioning creates optimum weight distribution and offers a high level of rigidity and superior driving pleasure, as in internal combustion versions.

The new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT; With features such as a specially adapted power steering system, a 11.3 m turning circle (compact version between sidewalks) and 1.90 m ceiling height (depending on version), it offers comfortable driving in all conditions of use, with features such as easy access to parking lots.

The new PEUGEOT e-EXPERT is available in the same versions as the internal combustion engines to meet different usage requirements:
  • Van (Three different lengths: compact 4.6m, standard 4.95m and long 5.30m),
  • Combi (Five or six seats, fixed or folding in Standard and Long versions),
  • Open body (for bodywork conversions, standard version).
PEUGEOT's eco system:

PEUGEOT is deploying a range of services based on three pillars to support customers during the energy transition:

PEUGEOT Easy charge makes it easy for customers to access charging solutions:

  • At home with a reinforced socket or Wallbox installation solution,
  • At 190,000 public charging points in Europe with a charging solution providing access to the network.
PEUGEOT Easy move provides customers' transportation:

  • They plan long journeys with the "Travel planner" feature available on smartphones through the "Free2move services" application,
  • Car rental services provided with "Mobility Pass" meet personal needs.
PEUGEOT Easy care gives customers confidence:

  • Digital routes allow them to discover the power of electricity,
  • Service and roadside assistance contracts allow them to enjoy the vehicles with peace of mind,
  • An eight-year or 160,000-kilometer warranty is offered for 70% of the charging capacity for the battery. One capacity certificate for each maintenance to facilitate the sale of second hand
From the Connected Navigation screen or MyPeugeot®
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