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Fenerbahce Kasimpasa MATCH

Fenerbahce Kasimpasa MATCH

In the 16th week of the Super League, Fenerbahçe passed Kasımpaşa with 3-0 on the road and gained 3 very important points. While Mame Thiam was accompanied by 2 goals and Pelkas with 2 assists, the goal that determined the score of the match came from Ferdi Kadıoğlu in 86. Kasmıpaşa, on the other hand, lost 3 of his last 4 games with this score.
In the closing match of the 16th week of the Super League, Fenerbahçe was away from Kasımpaşa. Fenerbahçe made us feel its superiority from the first minutes in the match where both teams had serious deficiencies. In the 14th minute, Pelkas touched Mert Hakan in the middle of the left wing and lowered the ball to Thiam. Thiam, who hit the oak round floor from my slope, scored a very good goal. In 45 + 1, Thiam, who faced the goalkeeper in Pelkas' pass, hit classy and made the score 2-0.
There was no important position for either team in the second half. Ferdi Kadıoğlu, who played more comfortably against Kasımpaşa, who broke off from the discipline in the last minutes, got to the bottom of the ball very well in the 86th minute and scored a classy goal. 0-3.

After the Başakşehir match, the Yellow Lacivertliler, who got 3 points from the Kasımpaşa fight, will host Alanyaspor on Thursday. Kasımpaşa lost 3 of their last 4 games.

Minutes from the match ...

8 'Mame Thiam's shot went to a different degree from the top in Pelkas' right-wing pass inside the penalty area. Senegalese in the available position badly hit.


14 'Fenerbahce went ahead 1-0 with Thiam's goal. Pelkas rose in the middle of Mert Hakan from the left wing, Thiam hit the ball perfectly and scored the goal. This is Thiam's first goal in the Super League ...


17 'Sinan Gümüş remained in the penalty area, waiting for the penalty. The referee said "continue". After his speech with VAR, the referee Halis Özkahya once again said 'continue'.

27 'In Anıl Koç's shot from the left diagonal to the goal outside the penalty area, Altay Bayındır cels the ball from the far corner.

36 'Valencia throws the ball, but the offside flag is in the air. After VAR check, goal cancellation became definite.


45 + 1 'Pelkas' great pasında Thiam, who entered the penalty area from the right cross, hit the goalkeeper very well and scored the goal that put his team ahead 2-0.

50 'Sinan Gümüş's left diagonal shot left the ball goalkeeper in Ramadan.

62 'There is no important position for either team in the second half. The tempo in the match is low.

68 'Instead of Mert Hakan, Jose Sosa is in the game ...

73 'Enner Valencia gives way to Samatta.

86 'Ferdi Kadıoğlu, who saw that the goalkeeper was opened on the pass of Ozan Tufan when he was about to enter the penalty area from the right cross, entered the ball very well and scored the goal that made the score 3-0.
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