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Care you need to do to your car in winter

Care you need to do to your car in winter

Although the winter season started in some regions, autumn weather continues in Marmara and Aegean regions ...
Drivers need to pay more attention to vehicle maintenance to avoid potentially dangerous problems these days.

It is necessary to take some precautions in order to use the vehicle efficiently in cold and difficult weather conditions and to increase the resistance of the vehicle against difficult weather conditions.

Please do not neglect the maintenance of your vehicle, do not encounter unexpected problems such as a thousand pound.

What are the maintenance you need to do in your car in winter? What should be done in winter maintenance? We can briefly list the following topics.

* Check the battery charge status or have it done. (80% of the reason why your vehicle does not work in cold weather is the battery.)
When you press the ignition in the morning after stopping your vehicle, you prevent you from hearing a blank starter sound :)

* Antifreeze control should be done. If you do not have antifreeze in your vehicle, pour out the existing water as soon as possible and add antifreeze.
In this way, you prevent the vehicle from running late and difficult.

* Check brake discs and brake pads.
You increase the strength of the vehicle to the road.

* Check the wiper blades and if possible use only antifreeze water (important in winter).
It prevents problems in the vehicle's vision.

* Check the tire tread depths and check the tire inflation weekly if possible.
If the vehicle is not moving continuously, the weather will drop quickly in winter. Good condition of the tires increases vehicle control

* Check the vehicle headlight bulbs and vehicle signal bulbs.
It is important to increase the visibility of the vehicle and increase your visibility.

* Check that there are important parts in the vehicle, especially in our eastern regions (chain, wedge, towing rope, etc.).
It helps to prevent dangers that may occur when the vehicle is stuck on the road.

Let's take good care of our lions and not stay on the road.

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