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If you unintentionally forgot the headlights on or for some other reason your car may not start. If the problem is with the battery, it is boosted to start the car. By taking power from the battery of another vehicle with the jump leads, the car is started. It also happens that improper reinforcement is made during this process. Incorrect reinforcement will cause the electronic control unit and various parts of the injection cars to malfunction and a rather puffy repair bill.

How to make the right boost? When your car's battery is discharged, what you need to do is to boost it from another vehicle's battery. However, you need to pay attention to some rules while doing this.

- In order to start the car by boosting both batteries; It should be at the same capacity (Ah / Ampere hour) at 12V voltage. (This information is written on the battery.)

- Make sure your vehicle is not in contact with the vehicle you will be reinforcing. In the event of vehicles touching each other, as soon as the positive ends of the reinforcement cables are connected, electric current occurs on the vehicles. This can cause dangers.

- When boosting from another car, you must turn off unnecessary lamps and accessories in both vehicles.

- Connect the positive (+) end of the jump lead (red) to the positive (+) end of the empty battery, and the other end to the positive (+) end of the boost vehicle. Connect the negative (-) end of the cable (black) to the negative (-) end of the charge battery. Attach the negative (-) end of the black wire to a non-moving metal part or cylinder block. Do not connect the cable to the negative (-) terminal of the discharged battery. Because you may cause a spark from the battery.

- If the battery of the vehicle that supplies electricity is weak after the connections are completed, start the engine of that vehicle and leave the engine running.

- When the engine does not start immediately, wait a few minutes to allow the discharged battery to take power and try again.

- Then start the engine of the vehicle being charged. Do not immediately disconnect the charging cables after the engine has started. Let the engine run for 5 minutes at 2000 rpm.

- Carefully unfasten the jumper. During this process, remove the negative (-) cable ends first, then the positive (+) cable ends.

- If you do not know the reason for your battery is running out (except the lights remain on), go to your authorized service and have the charging system checked.


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