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1. Jack 2. Table 3. Turtle key 4.18 key 5. Grease 6. Plastic Hammer 7. A set of new shock absorbers. 8. Connection studs and nuts (old ones may be rusted and worn .. or they may have bent over time.

We loosen the stud nuts on both sides of the shock absorber. It is very important where the bolts and nuts are facing .. at this point, be very careful how you unscrew them. you will plug it back in the same way.

Let's compare our old shock absorber with the new one. Let's make sure we buy the right product. Let's bring the new shock absorber to the same length as we disassembled.

We grease new studs.

We are assembling our new shock absorber. We pay attention to the nut and bolt directions. At this point, we don't need a torque wrench. Let's squeeze as much as we can. The famous word of my master is in my ears (Not until I break, until I bore it :) :))

It's okay .. Let's come easy.

Haşim Ayaz

Haşim Ayaz

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