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01.We open the tailgate before starting the application. In fact, our license plate lights are outside the vehicle but latched from the inside.

02. The panel is clipped from the back in typical Peugeot style. We start taking the cover from the wiper side. We move forward by unscrewing in one direction by hearing the soft click sound (Translator's note: Before starting the process, it is better to take 3-5 of these clips from the industry for 50 Ykr.

03. We continue to unscrew our clips. And finally we dismantled our panel completely. Let's keep the panel away from our work area as much as possible. (Translator's Note: The back seat is a suitable place)

04. My finger points to one of the lamp boxes. The other is on the other side of the trunk release lever in line. I free the electrical connectors from their lock and keep them suspended.

05. Now I gently press the locks on both sides of the lighting box, pushing it forward and let the slot pop out. These clips can easily be broken if not careful. Note that the lamp holder must protrude from the outside. (Translator's note: Friends, the plastic material may have lost its elasticity as this housing is exposed to too much external factors, please pay attention)

06.We pull out the lighting slots that we cleanly freed from their nails.

07 At this point, we simply separate the transparent cover from the main slot. Probably because the transparent cover has not been removed for years, it is quite dirty. Finding a new one will not be relatively difficult (Translator's Note: pour dish prill on a small brush and lather it up with a brush in the sink, let it finish)

08. After renewing our light bulb, let's put on all the covers by following the reverse order. Lamp 12V 5W peugeot part number: PE-6340A3. (Translator's Note: You can easily find it in all accessory shops. It has a price of 1 YTL.)

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