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Our vehicle is a 306 Gti with BEHR system. Our process takes a bit of professionalism so I won't go into too much detail. First, let's remove the ignition key and separate the battery.
Yes, let's take a look where to start:

We'll need to disassemble the center console. One screw on each side:

2 screws on the back

2 nuts under the middle gear bellows.

The image we disassembled the center console:

3 torx screws and 10mm just below it. The nut is waiting for us.

We Are Removing The Radio

2 pieces 8mm in the radio slot. The nut is waiting for us.

Vee airbag

We are removing the Torx bolt on the steering wheel hub. We separate the lower covers and the instrument panel by freeing them from 3 screws.

We remove the bolts that hold the steering shaft bearing

We unscrew the console clock from its 2 screws

We disassemble the heater panel and disconnect the electrical connectors.

2 bolts on the far left and right sides are holding the main body and removing them

There is a bolt hidden in the tape slot. This bolt is holding the main body, let's remove it too

Yes, it's time for our work outside. 3 nuts holding the main body under the wiper panel are waiting for us

Now we can completely separate the main body from the chassis. Please pay attention to electrical cables

Our central heating radiator is waiting for us in the middle. We separate the hoses from the outside. There are 2 10mm in total. Our radiator is waiting for us under the plastic cover attached with bolts and one Torx screw.

Haşim Ayaz

Haşim Ayaz

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