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Peugeot 206 2nd Boot Lighting

I guess the common problem of all 206 is indoor lighting. Insufficient ceiling lighting, lack of torpedo lighting and rear trunk lighting in a corner on the shore.

In this article, I will explain how to place the rear trunk lighting in parallel. Our operation is quite simple, we will provide a second illumination by removing the non-lamp cover on the opposite side and pulling it parallel from the existing lamp.
First of all, we start by removing the boot pan, then tilt the rear seat and remove the lower end of the seat belt. We take out the cover on which we will install the lamp by detaching it from its 2 screws. We cut in accordance with the measurements in the picture and install our new lamp. I believe that the pictures will be of great help, if there is a place in your mind, I would respect you to read your questions and suggestions. Haşim Ayaz ( )

Haşim Ayaz

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