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Tools & Tools:

1. Chock Hammer
2. Socket Set
3. Open mouth and Star Key Set
4. Puller Bar
5. Meter
6. Rust Remover and miscellaneous screwdrivers
7. Dimension shock absorber (dummy shock absorber)

Make sure the vehicle is safely suspended before you begin. Never suspend the vehicle from the suspension arms. You must suspend the vehicle from the chassis. (The vehicle in the picture is suspended from special entrances by steel shafts, This is a system generally used to facilitate intervention in rally vehicles)

Let's remove the plastic plug from the Anti-Roll bar body. Do not hurt when removing the plug. It needs to be firm when putting it back. This plug protects the mechanism from dust and water. We continue on our way by removing the Allen screw.

13mm connecting the Anti-Roll bar plate to the suspension arm. We are removing the bolt.

We use the pulling iron to remove the anti-roll bar. Let's not hit the weight on the puller too fast .. slowly carefully.

Anti-Roll bar usually comes out easily after this point.

We do the same for the other party.

An image of the anti-roll bar removed. If the situation is bad, we may need to change the chisels. The price of this material is not very high. Let's not neglect

We unscrew the screw on the torsion bar.

After removing the screw, we need to remove the washer in the housing. It may be stuck in time, let's use rust remover and try again.

We unscrew the damper stud and unload it.

The little bar awaits us on the back of the torsion arm. Let's remove it carefully, using a puller bar and hammer. We don't need to take it out completely. It is enough for us to frustrate.

It's time to use the measurement shock absorber (I know this is the Turkish technical term .. English technical name dummy shock absorber, imitation shock absorber, if there is a mistake, let the masters correct it). The method of calculation varies from vehicle to vehicle. 292 mm in our Saxo vehicle in the picture. from 289 mm. we drop to. this is us 10 mm. will provide descent. You can get a shock absorber size from a currently walking vehicle. This could be a reference for you.

Another way. It is an eye decision lowering by connecting the measurement shock absorber to the vehicle and measuring it with a meter. For example, the province measurement is 300 mm. and you 4.5 cm. If you want to lower this distance 250 mm. You need to lower it to [300- (45 + 5)] because 5mm. there will be a load share when the vehicle is seated If you cannot make the descent you want, you will have to do a few more tries. At this point, I can do nothing but wish you good luck :) :)

Let's not touch our measurement damper until all operations are completed. We will install the original shock absorber last.

We are placing the torsion bar. The gear will snap into place when it finds the proper position.

We're putting everything back in place. Let's not forget to grease the bolts and shafts :)

Now we can fit our tires.

Haşim Ayaz

Haşim Ayaz

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