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Peugeot 206 Headlight Parts Siliconization & Insulation

1. We remove the 4 pins that hold the front grille from the top.

2. We remove the side screws screwed to the headlights with a Torx screwdriver.

3. We pull the shutter lightly to ourselves and loosen the screw under the hood latch. We don't need to completely disassemble, just loosen it.

4. Two pins await us at each point connecting the shutter to the fender. We take precautions against scratching by tapping the painted points with electrical tape. The pins can be a little stubborn, let's take care to remove them without breaking.

5. With the socket set, we remove the top two bolts that hold the headlight.

6. One last bolt is waiting for us at the bottom.

7. By removing the headlight assembly from its housing, we insulate the transparent part with paper tape so that the silicone does not contaminate.

8. We silicon all points with black mastic silicone, paying attention to their aesthetic appearance.

9. Before the silicone dries, we remove the paper bandages. We clean possible silicone stains with a wet wipe

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Haşim Ayaz

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