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First of all, we start by the driver. We open the door at an angle where our hands can easily enter, and we release the nail shown with x in the picture from the hood. And our signal came out completely. We take it out completely by removing the electrical connector. We remove the signal cable from the fender and take it out to the rear of the shock absorber. We cancel the incoming cable by cutting the negative (-) pole of the signal installation completely. We will draw a parallel line from the positive (+) pole of the park to the minus (-) pole of the signal lamp. We draw a parallel cable from the plus (+) pole of the parking light bulb. Giving the plus (+) pole of the park to the negative (-) pole of the signal We finish the connection. We completely isolate and cancel the old main cable coming to the signal. We replace our led bulb with the old yellow bottomless bulb and install our signal and make trials . align It's the passenger side. Likewise, we are removing our signal lamp. Using a rigid cable as a guide, we pull the new installation for the (+) pole that we will get from the parks.

Vee result. We now have a side signal that blinks when signaling and lights up directly when we open parks. Even if your parks are open, our lamp will flash when the signal is activated. In addition, a point we should not forget; led bulbs work unidirectional, ie + and - must be installed correctly. If it is inserted incorrectly, the bulb will not work. you will see it works when you flip it upside down.

Thank you to my brother Harun (Rebellious) for his help.

Haşim Ayaz

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