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1. Top 3 bolts holding the turbo protection cover. we dismantle

2. 2 on the right side

3. 4. And 2 on the left side. Now we remove the linen protection cap by pulling it between the pipes and the motor (from the top). We are careful not to damage the linen cover and radiator cores.

5. We remove the 2 lugs that connect the catalyst to the engine block.

6. We take out the catalyst by removing the 2 clamps on the exhaust side and the turbo side.

7. After this point, 2 options are waiting for us or we will break the ceramic in the catalyst boiler and empty it completely (part number 10). Or we will put our catalyst aside without damaging it and replace it with straight pipe. If the mileage of our vehicle is less, the second option may be more logical, but if we exceed at least 50,000 km, it would be wise to empty it by saying that no more will come from that catalyst.

Haşim Ayaz

Haşim Ayaz

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