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Cleaning the Reader Lenses of RD3 Units


- Forks for removing the unit made of clothes hanger
- Torx Screwdriver set
- Pure Alcohol
- Pliers
- Small Flat screwdriver
- Electrical tape
- Ear cleaner < / P>

We remove the unit and remove its connectors with a flat screwdriver.

We remove the upper cover of the unit by freeing it from its 6 nails.

We remove the 4 torx screws that hold the CD drive mechanism.

We are removing the electrical connector of the mechanism.

You can see the CD lens when you hold the mechanism with the back facing you as shown. From this range, we put our cotton trash moistened with pure alcohol on one side and clean the lens with gentle movements. Then we do the final cleaning with the dry side of the litter. Let's avoid sudden movements that will damage the lens, and after wetting the ear litter with alcohol, let's squeeze the excess alcohol with our finger.

Before reassembling the unit, let's harden it a little by separating the edge tabs. Let's wrap some electrical tape under the fabric of the back grip so that it stays tighter in its slot.

Exchange of RB3 RD3 Units readers.

The VIN codes on the original Rb3 (cassette player) and Rd3 (CD player) on our vehicles are controlled by the ECU. If the vehicle computer does not confirm the VIN code, the tape will be switched on every 3 seconds. will not let us hear the music with a beep. So what will we do when we replace our broken unit with a new one? Unfortunately, we will have to go directly to the authorized service and introduce the new tape to the vehicle for 50YTL. In this article, I will tell you how to replace the reader head of a unit with impaired readership with a head that we procured from extractors.


The top cover of our unit is fixed on 3 sides with 6 separate tabs. We open the top cover by freeing its nails.

We unscrew the 4 screws holding the reader head.

Take out the reader with the screws removed. We are removing the electrical connector.

We replace the old reader with a new one.


We remove the top cover just like in rd3. We disconnect the electrical connector by removing the 4 screws marked in the picture.

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