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In winter, drivers often encounter vision problems due to fog on the rear window. The only way to eliminate the mist is to run the heater. However, the thin resistance wires that break due to various reasons cause a headache for drivers. However, these wires can be repaired in a few minutes with silver-glazed paints sold in the market.

Makes fog
Even if you forget its existence in the summer months, you can repair it when the rear window heater fails. The resistance wires, which have a very thin and sensitive structure, are broken during loading either while the windshield of the car is wiped or the automobile station wagon is loaded. These thin and precisely structured resistance wires, which are connected parallel to each other, which destroy the fog in the rear window by warming up, reveal themselves by fogging when they break. The solid ones continue to carry out their duties.

Repair in 5 minutes

Most users are too lazy to have their broken resistance wire repaired. Going to the service for a simple wire seems like a laborious task. However, as the wires continue to break, the rear window completely fogs up and the real problems start then. It would be wrong to wait for all wires to break before going to the service. Thanks to silver glazed conductive paints, you can repair your car's resistance in 5 minutes. All by yourself.

How to repair a resistance?

- For repair, first of all, it is necessary to determine which of the wires is broken. To understand this, the resistance is operated. While defogging on the working wires, there will be mist in the area of ​​broken wires. The broken on the wire can be easily found in the area where the mist remains.

- It is necessary to clean the surface before applying the silver-glazed conductive paint on the broken wire. To do this, you should wipe the surface with a damp cloth and lightly to avoid damaging other wires.

- After the cleaned floor dries, the thickness of the resistance wire in the middle of the box to prevent the silver-glazed conductive paint from spilling out The special cardboard with enough space is placed on the floor. Then, silver-glazed conductive paint is applied to that space and the ends of the two broken wires are joined. If there is no special perforated cardboard inside the box, both sides of the broken part can be taped to prevent the paint from overflowing.

- The most important point to note here is that the silver glazed paints must be shaken well before use. After the paint is applied, it is enough to wait 5-6 hours for it to dry. During this time, the heater must not be operated. However, if you don't want to wait that long, you can hold a hair dryer over the paint so it dries quicker.


The silver glazed paint can only remove the breaks in the rear window resistance. It is not used for damages in the main joints of the resistance and for resistance failures in the heated windows in the windshield and side view mirrors.


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