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Although the tower tensioner assembly seems simple, it can sometimes cause problems at unexpected points. Even diesel engines require a complete torture, a complete air intake (air filter cabinet) replacement. In fact, if the wrong battery is used in some 206, the cabin may even need to be shifted. In this article, we will describe an omp brand tower tensioner with pictures

Aligned with the front side of the clearing, we mark the damper seat with the tape

We drill a hole from the appropriate point to the sheet with a 4.5 mm drill bit

We mark both sides of the hole vertically.

By aligning our lines, we connect the hole with the top. Our hole (with a solid hacksaw) takes the form of a channel.

We cover the cut parts of the sheet with a cord.

We finish the process by assembling our tensioner. We take the path of a solid tie rod master who understands the job for adjustment.

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