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Did your rear view mirrors fall victim to the white hawk terror .. or the children of the neighborhood used them as goalposts? Don't worry ..

When we pull the glass mirror slightly, we can see the position inside. We separate the mirror from the mechanism by pulling a little harder. We release the chuck from two iron rods.

This is what the iron bars look like inside. The nails we need to remove are visible in the picture

Set the quotes back to their old position for reassembly

When we take out the mirror, the connectors of two heating equipment are waiting for us on the vehicle side. We disconnect the connectors without shorting them. Let's be very careful about what and where we got it. Let's even mark if we have sign paint on hand.

We need to unscrew 3 Torx10 screws. These screws are the screws of the adjustment equipment. Number 1 is up.

and screw number 2

and screw number 3.

On the back of the connector, The electrical connector is waiting for us. We remove it with a thin flat screwdriver.

The cover at the top is connected to the main body with 3 claws. But we must do this very carefully. The cover is very delicate. The same situation is in the lower cover. If we break the nails, we cannot turn it back. High attention

4 Torx20 screws hold the rest of the body. One of the above


2 at the bottom

The main body can now be removed.

It's time for the rest of the body

If we want to paint the mirror completely or replace the temperature sensor, we have to continue.

We remove the triangular cover on the inner side by freeing its nails. high attention to tweeter calories.

We are removing the connector.

We remove 3 Torx20 screws. These screws hold the rest of the body

To remove the plastic parts, we need to unscrew the bottom 2 screws and the 2 inner screws.

It's done, we can take out the mirror.

Haşim Ayaz
Good luck to everyone.

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