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206 GTI Air Intake Removal (With Picture)

Suspend the vehicle and remove the left tire (do not forget to use a tripod after lifting the vehicle). The fender hood consists of two parts, front and rear. We just need to unscrew the front part

There are 2 cork clips right next to the shock absorber. These clips consist of 2 pieces interlocking. We are removing the first one in the picture.

The second is just in front of the shock absorber.

We unscrew the hood connection screw on the bumper.

Likewise, we unscrew the screw on the bumper dust cover.

We carefully remove the hood without damaging the hood or paint of our vehicle.

NOTE: Versions without air-condition feature have the socket in the picture (Second fan) You can grease this socket, which is generally oxidized, while it is already touched by your hand (Do not forget to disassemble the battery terminal)

We take a look at our fender without hood.

The Funnel mouth is attached to the body with a velcro (Velcro: what we call velcro). Let's carefully free the funnel mouth from here.

The lower part of the Funnel is attached to the body at two places. First of all, we need to remove the fog lamp.

Carefully disconnecting the electrical connector of the fog lamp.

We unscrew the fog lamp

We are saving the fog light from its upper part. And we take it out of the bumper. While removing the fog light, we throw a few curses with the tone that your mother will not hear :) (Walla was writing heavier in the original, I softened it a bit)

I hope it still looks like this after you take your fog light out of the fender. :)

Now we can easily remove our funnel.

NOTE: Funnel is connected to the main pipe with clips.

Now we can put our fog light back in place.

Yes, now we can completely disassemble our air filter box. We unscrew the plastic clamp on the throat and separate it.

We can remove the filter box from its passage and take it out completely.

If your vehicle has Battery protection, you need to remove it too.

We remove the protection sheet in the picture from the connection point.

Don't try to pull it out from the top. Pay attention to the radiator, let it fall down.

After removing the remaining duct, screw it in if you can screw the cover plate back to its place. If you can't, keep it.

Do not forget to fix the suspended electrical cables somewhere with plastic clamps.

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Haşim Ayaz

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