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Replacing the Peugeot 206 Fuel Filter (Gasoline)

Tools & Equipment

1. Fuel Filter 2. A canister that will not melt in gasoline contact to spill excess fuel. 3. Flat screwdriver 4. Fire Extinguisher for security + a ready-to-use helper.

1. First of all, we suspend the vehicle by lifting it from the rear to reach the filter. The filter is located at the rear in the direction of the driver.

2. When you lie under the vehicle and look, you can easily see the filter and inlet and outlet pipe assembly. We need to unlock the inlet and outlet pipes by pressing the white button on them. Some fuel will flow, we should fill it in the box we set for waste fuel.

3. If the locks of the pipes force you, we can use a flat screwdriver to separate the pipes from the filter.

4. Let's separate the filter from its carrier and empty the fuel in our waste fuel box.

5. Let's make sure that we buy the right product by comparing the new filter with the old one.

6. We install our new filter by paying attention to the mounting direction. Let's make sure the pipe connectors fit well. After the locks are seated, let's check the strength of the pipes by forcing them slightly.

7. Let's take the vehicle down and start the engine and make our impermeability checks. Misfire or the delay in cranking during the first run is quite natural.

8. We make sure that the filter is tight by running our engine for a while. We dispose of the waste fuel and its container safely (dumping on the ground may be a suitable choice). Don't even think about destroying it by burning. :)

Haşim Ayaz

Haşim Ayaz

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