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Required Tool - Tools
1) Bitumen sheet or bitumen sheet. 50 * 50 in size. You can evaluate according to your vehicle door.

2) A blow dryer that heats up to 600-700 degrees in a tube, blower or an advertiser

3) A knife, knife, etc. screwdriver set, door ring, glove, brush, meter, lighter.

Friends, segments can be broken when opening the door panzots, so you can get a spare, that's why I wrote it. If you buy a male - female segment, it is healthier.

Since it has been standing for about 1 month, it may be hardened on the material you will buy, so keep it under the sun in sunny weather. Otherwise it can break ...

< BR>
The back side of the yellow paper is sticky.

Materials used. I used a blow dryer here because we couldn't supply a blow dryer from a friend. We thought it might take a long time to die with the blow dryer. We didn't go over it too

Vehicle screws are usually in the form of star or flat head screws, so the friends who do not have them can get a screwdriver set in this way. With this, you can remove almost every part of the vehicle, there are different tips.

After introducing our vehicle - equipment, let's get to our main job ...

Speaking for
206 first the frame around the door latch is removed. We forgot to photo it, but it is very easy to remove, if you push it upside down from the bottom with a screwdriver, it will be removed immediately.

Again, I'm talking for 206 door panzot screws are 3 pieces. Inside the door handle, near the door's hinge place, and as seen in the photo, I photographed the ratio so that it is not forgotten in the interior of the mirror ... There is no screw on the part of the mirror inside the vehicle. If you lift it up slowly, it will come out automatically.

Panzot After the dismantling process is finished, it may be dirty. Therefore, the parts to be applied with cloth should be cleaned. With the help of a brush, you can clean the places where the cloth does not enter.

Here we cut the pitched plate into short sections of 12 and 13 cm. So we cut it diagonally. We measured the setting by the meter according to the inside of the door. We started the process of heating with a blower. You will do the heating on the area where you have removed the yellow paper. The reason we heat it is to get more firm adhesion. You can do the heating process at your own discretion. Do not heat too much, adjust the settings according to the size of the plate you have made. The plate will reveal itself.

It is not obvious, but after heating, the plate will be in expansion. You understand that

The place of the plate that we just set as 12 and 13 cm is the upper part of the door. The piece of iron with my sign made our work a little difficult, it made it a little difficult, we took the measurement difficult, so it is easy to divide the door sheet into two parts and stick the plates to the inner sheet more easily. It may be difficult to insert and glue large plates, so you need to measure carefully. Let's take care of this instead of the bottom of the marked part.

I did not remove the yellow paper here because it is not obvious from the dark. The place that appears is the left side of the comp. In the photo below, it is the right side.

Again We measure with the meter, cut and heat the plate. After finishing the inner part of the door sheet, it is to the second part.

Exiting through the doors We measure with the previous insulation material. Just pay attention to the part to be glued and remember which door you are doing. Remember, you try not to forget, but if you do not make it according to the sticky part of the paper, the plate will be smooth

We cut it and adjusted it according to the door.

We set the plate we cut according to this door because we have finished the process of this place before. >

We pasted it in the second part . Since we cannot mount the crossovers elsewhere, I think it does not play better if they are under the plate. Since there is a lot of indentation in the door, it is not completely flat, it does not concern us much, it is important to stick. You can make additions for the open places. how to do / 206onkapiisolation / 16.jpg "align = baseline border = 0>

And finally, panzots are placed in their places. In the meantime, broken segments are replaced with new ones.

P.T. Üyesi : ZaZu tarafından hazırlanmıştır.

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