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Torx T20 Screwdriver Drill A new 13 "speaker female and male Electrical connectors Cable cutter

Things to pay attention to: Work in a suitable position during application. Don't fall for the offside? Make sure to test your new speakers before closing the covers again. Do not work with the door glass open. Lift the glass up to the top. When using the drill, always follow the procedures.

And We Go:

Our starting point for today is a standard S2 gate.

With T20 Torx Screwdriver, we unscrew the 3 screws in the picture.

1 more

4 screws await us at the bottom along the door

We are removing all the screws.

There are 4 clips in the middle. We are also dismantling these

And our speaker appeared

Unfortunately, our speakers are fixed in place with rivets

We are piercing the rivets with our old friend, Mr. Drill.

And our rivets, whose heads were severed, disappeared. We clean all rivet residues from inside by putting our hand through the hole.

We're attaching male connectors to our new speakers. If we need to intervene later. These connectors will be half our job.

With the

cable cutter, you can drive the connectors easily. I hope you won't be too hard.

We also use female connectors on the door side cables.

We plug in our connectors and insulate them.

We finish our work by following the reverse order.

Haşim Ayaz

Haşim Ayaz

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