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- Torx Screwdriver Set - Socket Set - Thin Oil - Pure Alcohol - Cleaning brush and Box - Air Compressor - Heat resistant black sealant silicone

We loosen

Air Intake's clamps on Funnel and Manifolt sides. We remove 1 bolt that holds the main body. We separate the top cover pipe from the filter.

We are removing the body of Air Intake.

We remove the 3 torx screws that hold the butterfly body. We detach 3 electrical connectors from their locks.

After removing the butterfly body from its place, we unscrew the throttle wire by turning it forward.

We remove the regulation motor and potentiometer by unscrewing 4 screws.

Since the temperature probe is mounted one-way, if you remove it, you will need to stick it back with heat resistant mastic silicone. If you want it to stay on it, be careful not to come into contact with too much alcohol while cleaning with alcohol.

We clean the butterfly body with alcohol + cleaning brush and rinse with alcohol again.

We never call the potentiometer alcohol. It is sufficient to clean the regulation motor with a cloth diluted with alcohol. We install beautifully by blowing air into all parts. We grease the gas wire tension spring with thin oil, without exaggerating slightly. We can perform our assembly by following the reverse order.

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